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There Is More To Asset Protection Than Filling Out A Form

Helping To Protect Your Assets

Whether you have estate planning, business documents and succession, probate, or special needs or family elder care concerns, at Joseph B. Henninger, PLLC Attorney At Law, in Charlotte, I can take care of your immediate needs and long-term asset protection.

If you are looking to draft or update a simple will or need a more detailed plan that covers power of attorney, medical decision-making, guardianship and conservatorship, as well as business succession, I am a lawyer who can provide customized legal tools to fit your life. An estate plan is not a form you fill out; it is a comprehensive road map for your assets and important decision-making roles further down the road.

Practice Areas

Estate Plans

Estate Plans

Wills, decision-making and other vital information about protecting your assets.

Probate Administration

Probate Administration

Navigating the administrative maze of valuation and ownership.

Special Needs Trusts

Special Needs Trusts

Helping your family make the right decisions for those you love.

Let’s Start With A Consultation

Providing Guidance And Security

I have drafted more than 15,000 estate plans in Charlotte since 1979. I am experienced in North Carolina law and I understand both tax and human issues. I am ready to help you make key decisions to arrange for a seamless estate plan and inheritance. It is difficult to work through the many options of an estate plan, but I can provide answers and a clear plan that begins on your initial visit and continues through life’s many changes.

Special-Needs Planning

If your family is facing difficult decisions in caring for elderly members or children with special needs, I will help guide you through the legal process to make sure your loved ones receive their entitled government benefits while formulating a complete estate plan.

Protecting What Is Important To You

When you visit my office, we will sit down together to discuss your objectives and concerns, co-creating a plan that gets your affairs in order, whatever the circumstances. I have been helping families and individuals protect their assets for almost 40 years and I know what a solid estate plan requires. Call me at 704-954-8609 or reach me online for more information.

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