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Every family faces difficult decisions for family members with mental and physical disabilities. Fortunately, modern estate plans allow a variety of options to care for loved ones and to provide stable income without limiting their access to social programs. Each situation is different, but by setting up a special-needs trust, you can arrange for payment schedules, ownership titles and other key distinctions that will care for family members who may be unable to provide for themselves independently.

I have almost 40 years of experience creating unique estate plans for all types of families across North Carolina, including as a special-needs trust attorney. I take pride in my connection with our clients and my ability to put your affairs in order, whatever that entails. I will work through the entire process, making sure I cover everything you need to protect your family members from future challenges.

Special-Needs Trusts And Access To Assistance

A special-needs trust is a document to keep your assets in the family and to look out for loved ones with complex concerns. Eligibility for entitlement or medical programs is tied to personal income and wealth, and through a special-needs trust we will create documentation to make sure that your family member receives what they deserve without losing essential government resources through your charity.

I understand how much is at stake for your loved ones. As a lawyer, I provide additional services for special-needs family members to maintain eligibility and manage their assets.

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An estate plan is always an important piece of property management but, for families with special-needs members, it is essential to take advantage of specialized trusts to protect your loved ones over the long term. My professional, experienced and compassionate staff has been helping Charlotte families for generations. For more information, reach me online or call 704-954-8609 to schedule an appointment.

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